The Tain Bo Cualinge is part of the Ulster Cycle, a series of epic cattle raids between warring clans in Ireland, and the surrounding events that set them in motion. They're roughly set around the time of Christ, though they might have been composed several hundred years later, or alternately, may contain elements of stories from a far earlier culture; but they were first recorded around 800 A.D. The stories were never written down before Christian monks put the stories into their illuminated manuscripts in the medieval period, and they may have changed some of the more pagan notions to better fit with their ideology. A significant portion of these books were lost over the centuries as these books were taken in Viking sieges, walled into secret rooms in castles, and lost or stolen from libraries. The books that remain are often missing half their pages, and modern translations are cobbled together from the handful of surviving manuscripts that cover the adventures of the Ulster warriors. Below are the sources I've used to put together my version.

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