MK Reed
MK Reed is the author and/or artist of several graphic novels, including Americus, and The Cute Girl Network.

Caroline Kelsey
Caroline Kelsey is a cartoonist and a graduate of SVA. Ask her about bigfoot.

Hilary Florido
Hilary Florido's first graphic novel, Bloody Chester, was released in 2012. She currently lives in LA & works for Cartoon Network's Regular Show.

Matt Wiegle
Matt Wiegle lives in Philadelphia and draws things. He won the "Promising New Talent" Ignatz Award for The Orphan Baiter, which appeared in Papercutter #13, and is the artist on the ongoing webcomic Destructor.

Farel Dalrymple
Farel Dalrymple has worked on critically acclaimed comics like Omega The Unknown and Prophet, but his much awaited solo book The Wrenchies will be out in 2014. He lives in Portland.